Agreed to be a co-signer for my internet & cable. Told him not to do it to try to date me, he said no he was just being nice. When I wouldn’t date him after he co-signed, he put my comcast account on a seasonal hold until December and is paying $15 a month for me not to be able to use comcast or a $150 modem that I purchased. If he would’ve had his way, I wouldn’t have been able to work or go to school because I do both online. SCARY. He was trying to render me helpless without him.
He has HUGE red bumps on his face that look contagious. I’m not sure if it’s just acne or it’s something else. I know he was on the strongest medication available for it and the nasty monster growths were still there & getting bigger.
One day I called his phone on accident while I was with him and my picture popped up when the phone rang from my number. It was SO CREEPY because I don’t know where he got the picture from and he certainly didn’t ask me if he could do that. I firmly believe that he told the people at his work he was dating me when I was friendly with him but REPEATEDLY made it clear we were just friends. My pic showing up when I called him just made things much weirder. I only felt sorry for the guy. He had zero friends, had never had a girlfriend, and had only ever paid for sex.
He would come over and sit in my living room. I would be in my bedroom on the computer & he would just be sitting in my living room without the tv on or anything. Just sitting. It was so creepy that I finally told him if he was going to come over, he was going to have to bring something to do so he wasn’t just sitting there for hours.
Ladies this guys is not right, he’s dangerous.