This chick is unbelievable. I’m a provider & she contacts me to do a double date with her. She gives me all the info. I call the guy and he says he is going to send a car. Several calls back and forth and he sounds intoxicated. He has me research a car service and give him my address and everything he needs to call them and make the order. Then I never hear from him again. He won’t respond to text. Neither will she until about an hour later. I tell her they are bullsh*ters. She says what do you mean I am here? I tell her what happened & she plays dumb. She can’t understand why i was upset that she interrupted my day to get me stood up. THEN she calls ME crazy??? WHAT!? OBVIOUSLY the guys wanted two girls and she used me to string me along so she could still get the date by herself. BAD BUSINESS. Ladies, men, do NOT do business with this overpriced GAME PLAYER!! badboyreport.kr