Mike Loughran Apex Locations | I am here to warn women against this man. This man only sees a woman as a means to profit. He deliberately chooses women who are very vulnerable at the time. He is a mastered con-artist and has way of making women feel needed while he pushes all your nurturing buttons. to such a point that you want help this poor sweet man with the hard luck life. And you do want to help (BullCrap). You are in process of being conned. And you find yourself at the ATM pulling out hundreds for him, because he will not take a check. In fact you will pay for everything. You want to buy and give him everything. He sucks you dry and at this point you are being replaced, he keeps you around until he has a promising replacement. | He makes a disclaimer before he starts a relationship and describes what he and a clerical worker in the police department did to an ex-girlfriend and will do to you. (IF) The ex- girlfriend asked him to pay her back for all the loans and asked him to return some possessions. Because he found and conned this civilian worker in the police dept. The two of stopped at nothing to ruin her life. In the end the ex-girlfriend was jailed and put in prison for harassment. She is the first and only woman ever to receive a felony charge and prison time of the crime of harassment. What happened to her when she was placed in MAX. Sec. Jail is another story in itself. This poor woman lost her life and livelihood and fortune due to wrongful felony convictions. The cases are in the process of being over-turned on just the civil rights violations alone. It is very disturbing to know just how far this guy and the police assistant where able to take this persucation , and how they got away with it, up until now. There is no fact checking within the police department and his complaints where never tested. The clerical worker in the police department pulled herself off as a true detective. This is the 2nd time this police worker has been exposed and prohibited from taking anymore complaints against this ex-girlfriend, yet this police assistant continues to do so and even after 6 years these two people are still filled with p*** and vinegar, they just don’t stop. This is important to mention so you can see how this creep can get into some one’s head and make them do things completely out of their character. This police assistant divorced her husband for Mike and now she will lose her job, only to make this loser happy. She doesn’t realize it now but Mike the bullshiter will never have anything more to do with her. Her name is Vicki Leswick (remember this name), she ruined her own life for this creep who doesn’t give two shits about her. What she did give to Mike is his first and only sense of power and success. And this is the only success of his life.. She had given him the power to destroy a good person’s life. And Mike wears it as a badge of honor and never stops bragging about it. It is the only thing he can brag about, because he is by choice a loser. What this bragging is really doing; is turning people off, Men see him as a pansy that needs a good a**-kicking, and he is underestimating how many friend the ex-girlfriend really has and her own connections. (Remember she was jail and in prison because she made the mistake of asking for her money back, and one does not do that to Mike. | The way works: the way he looks: | I would like to tell you what this loser really Because he never conned me, and I am emotionally unattached to the situation. Mike is a high school dropout as he knows nothing about anything. He does not generate any income for himself and reports a pittance of income to the IRS. He will never receive any Soc.Sec. benefits. He will need someone to support him for the rest of his life. He has no work ethic: He cancels on clients at the last minute especially if he has a new stock of drugs and he never works in the summer and maybe only once or twice with a year. He has been sued and suspended from working in his field (driving motor homes and buses) for production people making commercials and so on.. (Wow how impressive-joke) His Clients leave disgraceful comments about his service and they never return to him again. If Mike does take a job for a day or two, he then needs several days lying on his duct taped couch to recover. | He does not love or even like his victims and feels no remorse for the way he has treats the people he claims to LOVE, and now he believes he is assured that should anyone ask for repayment of loans or the return of possessions could go to prison. He is unaware that he will soon be under fire. And his little police friend cannot help him anymore. | It is confusing as to how many middle aged women allow themselves to be conned and want to love him. Especially strange because Mike really is an ugly creature inside and out. He has a small pin head, horrible acne scars, and twisted tobacco stained teeth. He has no hygiene and always smells sour. He suffers from a chromosomal disorder and carriers a double set of female sex chromosomes. While most men carry an XY, and women carry an XX, Mike’s carry’s an XXY. I work in genetics and I am very well aware of this disorder as Mike displays all the symptoms. Learning disabilities, poor posture, tall with abnormally long arms. He looks much older than his actual age. He has a B-cup of breast tissue and he has no body hair. His muscles are floppy and soft and so is his skin. His hands are very small for his size and his shape is weird. He carries his weight like a woman (on his hips and a** with saddle bags on the back of his thighs. Mike is also sterile and has a micro p****. I know this for a fact because I own a Nikon microscope and he wanted me to look at his s****; he told me he has slept hundreds of women and no one ever got pregnant. There wasn’t any s**** on the slide, not even defective ones, completely blank. Thank God that this sorry excuse for a human being cannot reproduce.I am not saying anyone should hold his disorder against him, he cannot help that, but he could help is own disposition and treat people well. He should be humbled. | The way He Lives: | Mike lives in a trailer park; his trailer was made in the 1930’s and is a small single wide trailer hosted up on cement blocks. He is filthy. But how can I describe the way it smells: The trailer smells of smoke and dog p*** and body order. Nicotine drips from the walls and paper posters are hung with thumb tacks covering large termite holes. All of his electronics are cheap no-name products and he is a hoarder. And all his furniture (there isn’t much) is torn and held together with duct tape. There is something wrong with every appliances. His tap water runs dark brown in color. He must wash his dishes and shower and if he does brush his teeth it is in this grainy dirty water. He does not have an ice maker and who wants s*** brown ice cubes. The trailer park houses truly poor people and is so old; I don’t think the City will ever try to correct the water. | Unless he has a girlfriend, his diet is limited to Top Ramon and Mac and Cheese and Chef Boyardee. He has no air-conditioning and It is impossible to stay the night with him for this any many more reasons. Mike’s breath is very foul and he smells so bad, sleeping with him is very unpleasant. If he does have sheets on the bed, they are very dirty and crusty. In other words don’t wear white and then go into that trailer; your a** will be black from the furniture and sitting on the floor is even worse,your white dress will be ruined. | Mike in Bed: | Mike doesn’t have a clue about a woman’s anatomy. He does not want to know it is all about him. He presses all his weight on top of her and suffocates the woman. | The Vises: | Mike abuses drugs and is a chronic high functioning alcoholic, but on many occasions he takes it too far and passes out drunk on his lumpy mattress with metal springs breaking through the fabric. Mike was very excited because he only paid 50.00 dollars for his brand name mattess. (I spent 1,500 on my mattress) Despite these horrible living conditions he is still able to convince women to give up their apartments, Condos and houses and move into this disgusting trailer park. | The financial Losses | I realize just how much this guy was finically draining me when I could no longer go into a store and buy a cute pair of jeans or a handbag because I didn’t have enough money in my account. I have never been that poor since college. I worked hard to get where I am and I had to consider lowering my station to support him. (I wasn’t going to it for such an mean person) | This man hates women and all people. I am one of his victims and I am here to avenge myself and everyone else he has destroyed. | My friends will be setting up a website that contains some prints and a video of Mike’s body failing while he is passed out dead drunk on his bed with no sheets. It is repulsive, he is repulsive. The website will expose all his vises and his embarrassing acts will be on display. It is a very humiliating video and it will ruin him. Unless, he starts paying his ex-girl back, and that means all the loans, and legal fees. She wants 400.00 a month, he has two months to start paying, or it goes up. Remember what he did to her: Lying and conniving and working to have her inprisoned. And if I could I would tell some of the other women’s stories, they are just as bad. | I would like to take a minute and describe some of Mike’s cruelest acts to me (and he knows who I am and so does his little police friend.) There is an amendment protecting my free speech. | Mike is an underachiever by choice. He is the laziest man I have ever encountered. I am so much more established than he, and he is jealous. He deliberately broke my Waterford crystal bowl, he spilled bleach on my brand new 2,000 dollar rug, and was upset when I was able to die the fabric and the stain was no longer visible. He sawed my beautiful tree to a stub and cut off all the branches, includingthe branch were I hung a double swing. He killed my beautiful flower garden with Round Up and said sorry I thought it was miracle grow. I had bought a new car and sold my old car for 5,000 cash. I was keeping the cash in my silverware draw until I could go to the bank in the morning, he stole 3,000 of it. and denied it on his life. He was the only person in my house with the money. He did this to me after all the money I gave him and all the money I spent on him. | When Mike and the police assistant came after the ex-girlfriend (I met her and she is very sweet) for a 2nd time 5 years later from the first attack. The assistant promised Mike that she would have her in prison for a very long time. That did not happen and the judge said this is not on the up and up. No jail time and dismissed the charge. Mike is pissed he already bragged to his low-life friends and his emotional disabled girlfriends that she was in prison, but she was not and now Mike and company he keeps are followed and photographed by a Private Investigator. The P.I. thinks Mike is so emasculated by his actions and is really working hard to shut him down. | My goal in writing this blog is to warn women about this half man half female XXY he/she and for a chance to expose him. His girlfriends and wives revolve very quickly and anyone of you could find yourself caught up in his miserable life. He does not give a s*** about anyone and he has never been in love. He does not have what it takes to be man. Perhaps and because of his hormonal problems it has affected is ability to be social and kind. But he can really pretend he cares (for a minute). This Guy is the most regrettable event in my life. The ex-girlfriend I mentioned feels that she had been cursed. I hate this horrible man, and look forward to publishing the web-site dedicated to him. He has nothing to offer anyone except to bring them down and welcome them to a life of working your a** to support him. Lazy Lazy Loser | Please leave a comment, and if you want or need more information or photos, Soc. Sec. number, address, or court records they will be on the web-site, but I can also provide them for you.Thank you for listening. – badboyreport.kr |


  • Name – Mike Loughran
  • Age – 50+
  • Country – USA
  • Location – Phoenix AZ
  • Sexual Preference – Bisexual
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign – Cancer
  • Maiden Name –
  • Relationship Status – In a relationship
  • Profession – Homemaker
  • Education Level – Less than high school
  • University – are you kiddingBadboyreport.kr
  • Found Cheating on – AdultFriendFinder.com
  • Ethnicity – White or Caucasian
  • Hair Color – Gray
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Height – 6’0”72in182.88cm
  • Weight (lbs) – 250
  • Tatoos – No


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