In 2009 I met Cristhyan Genaro Galan Galvan.I was living in Edmonton Alberta at the time. I was taking an apprentice course and working full time at a custom auto body shop. I was a prep and painter. I was also an artist and had a lot of potential. I met Mr. Galan online and we formed a relationship. We had discussed moving in together. At the time he worked full-time as a floor installer for a private company. He stated that he makes a significant amount more than I do and therefore it made more sense for me to move back to Ontario and finish my apprenticeship there. He stated that he could take care of us both and I had nothing to worry about. I packed up my life and moved back to Ontario. Before I had moved I was living on my own with zero debt. I worked hard to pay off a previous credit card debt and had learned from than how to budget even what little I was making.I moved back to Ontario and stayed at my parents house until we could find a place for us together. Within that month his ex contacted me and said he had a child with her. I asked him about it and he stated that he had no child. That his ex cheated on him and the child wasn’t his. I asked him if he could get a DNA test to prove its not his because if it is his than he needs to own that and take responsibility for that child. He stated that his ex refused to get the test and he swore it wasn’t his. I let it be. I figured if its his than the mother will come after him for child support which she should. She never did so I believed him when he denied the child. Within two months of me moving back, Mr. Galan decided that he would quit his job without letting me know. In the meantime while I thought he was working, he was doing some criminal activity with two other men Im not aware of. What I thought he was bringing home in pay checks he was actually getting paid from these two gentlemen for cashing what he thought were their personal checks. I was unaware of everything until the day he said he cannot pay rent and he had to leave his apartment. He stated that he worked out a mortgage deal with one of these guys and they gave him a house. I told him something is very wrong here. People don’t just give you a house without payment of any kind. He showed me a mortgage which was obviously very fake. Long story short these two men were using Mr. Galan for whatever scheme they were doing and Mr. Galan ended up broke and in a house he thought was his but was not. I visited because I didn’t fully understand what story he was trying to tell me. He played a big victim in the whole matter but I wonder how much of that is true. Did these men take this immigrant for granted? or was Mr. Galan a part of whatever it was they were doing? I had no idea and still to this day I don’t know what happened. All I know is from that point on Mr. Galan played an incredible victim and leeched on to my life sucking me dry.The actual owners of the house (the bank) came by one day and said Mr. Galan was squatting and needed to leave the house within 24 hrs.My family and I dropped everything and drove from Niagara to Brampton to help Mr. Galan move. I found him a nice little hamilton one bedroom apartment for him and his dog. It wasn’t long after that, I came to visit Mr. Galan and he had stepped out but said I could go in and wait for him. I did so and when I walked past his computer I noticed a whole bunch on dating sites, messages and even porn open on his computer. He went as far as asking other women out on dates in the area. I was heartbroken. I was on my way out when he walked in and I told him it was over. It was then that he started crying and begging for my forgiveness. That he would never do it again. I gave him a second chance. During this time he said he was looking for work and I even made him a resume because he didn’t write or speak english to well. He couldn’t find work anywhere apparently. I felt bad for the guy. I wanted him to be successful and better himself. I had faith in him for some reason. Maybe it was the sad stories he would always tell me about back home to him. How his grandmother who raised him just died, how people tried to kill him in his country so he was sent here. When he got here these two mystery men took advantage of him. Here he was no job, no money, no credentials of any kind.I felt I had to help, I mean this is the guy I moved here for! Maybe this is just a rough patch that he needs my help to smooth out. Than we could move on and live a normal life. This was the piece of faith I held on to through everything he put me through.I knew Mr. Galan is good with his hands and can build and do construction work. I myself am intelligent, knowledgable and also good with my hands. I came to the conclusion that to help Mr. Galan I was going to use what we had. I formed a construction company. I took care of all the paperwork, advertising, finding the jobs, sub-contractors as well as working alongside Mr. Galan doing the physical work. We became a team of two. I took care of everything. Before we could land our first client, Mr Galan received notice that they will be repossessing his car. I spoke with my family and out of the kindness of their hearts they agreed to let Mr. Galan borrow 1000. for his car payment. Mr. Galan failed to continue paying his payments and eventually got his car repossessed. He was also getting evicted from his apartment for not paying rent. I allowed him to move in to my parents basement with me. Temporary till the business would pick up clientele and we could move out and start moving forward in life. Mr. Galan had horrible credit for obvious reasons so nothing could be put under his name. I had to start using my credit and good name for everything to get this business going. I did. I also got us enough work that we became a successful construction company in 2010 and registered as MT Worx. To keep a steading flow of income I also found us work as property managers for a complex in kitchener. This gave us a place to live. During this time I came to find out that he was trying to sleep with the tenants and even a friend of mine. He swore on his grandmothers life it was not true. I believed him. I had so much wrapped up in this relationship and business at this point how could I believe he would leave such a good thing?. In 2015 after all this was said and done I was told by my mother that when we would get in a fight he would call her and swear to her that I punched him. He did this to my mother on the day she lost her job back in 2010. Already he started lies against me defemating my character and bothering my family with nonsense.Our relationship at this point was rocky. I was hearing so much about him and yet he was reassuring me none of it was true. What I can only view now as an attempt at keeping me from leaving Mr. Galan proposed to me. I was a weak spot he knew I had. I always wanted to get married and start a life with possibly kids, a home etc. He played on that emotion. The night before he proposed to me we were at my parents house and he stole a cheap ring from my mothers room. It was an old cheap ring that she didn’t realize she had until I showed her. She was so taken back and in shock that at first she didn’t say anything to me about it, She didn’t want to break my heart she said. After I left him she than told me where he got that ring. She never got the ring back and I don’t know what he did with it.We ended the property management in 2011 and went full force in to the construction. We rented a farm house property in guelph and ran our company. Everything was always in my name but some things he was attached to. Business Loans, Insurance, Cell phones, credit cards, bank accounts, rent, hydro, any and all bills were in my name. I even did our personal taxes as well as business taxes. Mr. Galan never paid me back for anything. I paid for everything. I even had my only vehicle wrapped with the business name and number to use for advertising. Mr. Galan used my truck with free will. Although when I thought he was working he was actually going to visit other women while I was at home running the business. Mr. Galan proceeded to back my truck in to a metal trailer denting the whole back end and he also destroyed the radiator. I got in my truck one day to visit my family and it started to smoke. I had to borrow money from my parents to fix my car which costed 6000. One of the last jobs we did we worked at an older ladies house and installed a new floor for her. I later received a call from the company we were subcontracted by stating that the lady said we had robbed her of some jewellery. I couldn’t believe my ears. Never would I even think of doing such a thing. I went that evening to speak with the lady and she stated the rings were from the war and she thinks I took them. Went as far as accusing me and harassing me for days following. I just assumed someone came in when we had left and took this ladies jewellery. A few weeks following that incident I was hanging up a shirt of Mr. Galans and out of the pocket falls this antique old looking ring. My stomach dropped. I was living with a theif and cheater. How many clients has he stolen from!? How could he risk our only form of income on something so stupid. I packed up my items and arranged for the quickest way out of that house. The night before I left Mr. Galan went in to my purse and stole my debit card. In the middle of the night while I slept he emptied out both my personal and business bank accounts. I had no money to pay the bills he put on me. While packing I noticed Mr. Galan even stole my jewellery and had it hidden in a box to pawn (that engagement ring included). I left with my items back to my parents house. I made sure our landlord was aware I was gone and I had everything in my name shut off to not incur further charges as I was already past due on all bills. Mr. Galan wrote me emails and stated that he is fully aware that he was wrong and owes me payment for everything. I have those emails on file. Mr Galan hasn’t paid a cent to me as of yet. When I left Mr. Galan he started telling everyone that he now had a child. How does someone deny something so serious for years? I was living with a stranger. He has also dragged my good name through the dirt by telling everyone he was the victim and that he gave me the truck (the one i bought myself before I met him in Alberta) and that I used all his credit cards (remember Mr. Galan has never had credit since I met him)I have a file of all the bills and my payments to the credit bureaus. My credit and good name has been destroyed and I was close to bankruptcy from Mr. Galans inability to repay what he owed. I consolidated the debt and took a large personal loan out from my parents. I am still currently paying that loan off but my name has been saved from bankruptcy thanks to my loving family.In total Mr. Galan owes me 16,589,46.-Telus cell phone: 1,069.65-Hydro: 1500.-Oil: 250.-Personal Loans: 3,487.50-Credit Cards: 2,750-Business Taxes: 1532.31-Truck Repair: 6000.I took the total of the joint amounts and split in half. So far I have paid both halves. Considering he was the one that used and destroyed my vehicle I am requesting he pays the full 6000. in damage. This doesn’t even include auto insurance. I did not include that in the total. Also not included in total is interest. I am still trying to finish paying this debt. –


  • Name – Cristhyan Cris Chris Genar Galvan Galan
  • Age – 30+
  • Country – others
  • Location – Burlington Ontario Canada
  • Sexual Preference – Straight
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign – Libra
  • Maiden Name – Galvan Galan
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Profession – Other
  • Education Level – Less than high school
  • University –
  • Found Cheating on –
  • Ethnicity – Hispanic or Latino
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Height – 5’5”65in165.10cm
  • Weight (lbs) – Not sure
  • Tatoos – Yes


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