First, let me just say that I am thankful that there are woman out there that truly want to help “the next girl” from being a victim, so THANK YOU anon ex for posting about Brian Grant Seward.Brian Grant Seward is a Maryland native and is now residing in Monroe NC. I have known him for way too many years now and I too was a victim of his physical and verbal abuse. I have to protect myself, so I can’t go into too much detail about the specifics surrounding the assaults, but I can verify some of what anon ex talked about.It is true that Brian Seward tells everyone that his grandmother used to beat him. I heard all about it 200+ times. It is true that he starts fights and will throw out insults left and right. He will insult your parents, your brother, your sister, and he will criticize your parenting skills. According to him, there is something wrong with every child of every person he has dated or married (just ask him.)Yes, every single person he dates or marries is also crazy (just ask him.) It is true that Brian Seward choked one of his ex girl friends while her child was in the home. He hired an attorney and was convicted anyway in Union County NC. The police had pictures and pictures don’t lie. It is true that he used to put another one of his ex girlfriends son in freezing cold bath water for punishment. Brian was 16 during that time of his life and it doesn’t appear that he has changed for the better. Brian Seward drinks beer or wine every single day and is an alcoholic in denial. Last year at Thanksgiving (2014), Brian Seward drank all day and then cursed out his 9 year old niece in front of his son. After being confronted by his brother in law (Dave), Brian responds by smashing a beer can in his face, giving him a black eye. He then packs up his son and DRIVES them both to his brother’s house! Last year 2014, Brian would make his son (every other Sunday) sit at Bonfires Bar and Grill, while he drank beer and watched football. We experience his son begging to leave because he was bored and said he hated it there. Brian yelled and said ” DON’T YOU THINK THAT I WOULD RATHER BE WATCHING THIS GAME WITH MY FAMILY IN MARYLAND? BUT I CANT BECAUSE I LIVE HERE BECAUSE OF YOU!!! ” Brian then made his son (8 years old) go out to the parking lot and sit in the truck by himself while he finished his beer.Ladies, I don’t want to bash Brian Seward and I am only stating the truthful facts about some events that have occurred. I want to “help” every woman and child that comes into contact with him. He is an abuser both emotionally and physically. What makes this guy SO dangerous is that he will ALWAYS justify his reasons for saying what he did or pushing you or choking you or hitting you.Brian Seward finds some of his dates on I know that he patterns himself by taking you to church (Lee Park, Monroe NC) while trying to appear Christian like. He calls himself a baby in Christ. It is common for Brian Seward to take Ambien after he’s had his average day of drinking. This lethal combination causes him to black out and causes him not to remember anything that happened.I am thankful that I made it out of this relationship alive ladies and I will never look back. Protect yourself and your children if you come into contact with him.I hope this blog prevents a heart break, a checking account from being drained and a child from having to cry themselves to sleep. – |


  • Name – Brian Seward
  • Age – 40+
  • Country – USA
  • Location – Monroe NC
  • Sexual Preference – Straight
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign – Not sure
  • Maiden Name –
  • Relationship Status – Not sure
  • Profession – Other
  • Education Level – High school
  • University –
  • Found Cheating on – Other
  • Ethnicity – White or Caucasian
  • Hair Color – Blond
  • Eye Color – Hazel
  • Height – 5’11”71in180.34cm
  • Weight (lbs) – Not sure
  • Tatoos – Yes


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