Oh ashleymadison.com, the perverts and creeps flock to you like moths to a flame! | This guy, who calls himself BoisePianoGuy on Ashleymadison.com, is another one who said he is not hiding his affairs from his wife. Ah, but he has to sneak around and . . . you get the idea. He is a compulsive liar. | This guy is also really cheap. Instead of paying for messages on ashleymadison.com (women register for free; men pay and in order to talk with women the men need to pay per message), he slyly gives his cell number with spelled-out numbers. What a cheapo! | He is into brutal sex, which is what got me thinking he might be on the sexual offender or sexual predator register in Boise. And, yep, he is! (The picture is his mug shot. Classy guy. Two counts of attempted **** and “crime against nature”–**.) | Tim Krahmer is just another student (yeah, an older college student, what a gem!) who has sexual fantasies but lives with a wifey and dogs. Pass him by, ladies. He is such ****. |


  • Name – Tim Krahmer
  • Age – 40
  • Country –
  • Location – Boise, ID
  • Sexual Preference – Straight
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign –
  • Maiden Name – N/A
  • Relationship Status – Married
  • Profession – Student
  • Education Level –
  • University –
  • Found Cheating on – AshleyMadison.com
  • Ethnicity – White or Caucasian
  • Hair Color – Bald
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Height – 6 ft 5 in
  • Weight (lbs) –
  • Tatoos –


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