Twenty years ago, the former IPFW (now Purdue Fort Wayne) police chief named Lauren DenHartog harassed and intimidated me and tried to violate my 4th amendment rights by illegally searching my vehicle without a search warrant. I have a desire to share my story after all these years considering the ongoing brutality by police and the targeting of minorities and illegal detainment. It began almost twenty years ago when I was in my freshman year at IPFW. There was an alarm that went off and we all had to evacuate the Kettler building. It was a bomb scare. While standing outside and waiting, Lauren DenHartog was looking over at me and my classmates while we were standing and waiting. I admit that I started feeling uncomfortable about him looking at me. I decided to walk away and return later. As I was walking towards the parking lot, I heard some one say, “Excuse me Sir!?”. I stopped and turned around. It was Lauren walking towards me quickly. He was right in my face, literally an inch away from me. He said “Ya got some ID on ya?” with his stinky breath and his bizarre, out-of-date mustache. I replied by saying “It’s in my car”. He then said, “I can follow you out there!”. I told him that I will not let him follow me out there and I’m not going to be treated like a criminal. He then called for backup, which was totally unnecessary. However, I stood my ground and we looked directly in each other’s faces, eye to eye, nose to nose. I wasn’t at all intimidated. I refused to provide my ID and I refused to give him my name when he asked. I didn’t have to provide any of these to him. After all, I did nothing wrong and I committed no crime so there was no need to detain me. We stood there for about a total of ten minutes and Lauren tried to use provocation and intimidation. I guess they taught him these low-level and low-class techniques during his days in the academy. He went on accusing me of looking him in the eye when in fact Lauren is the one who got in my face so it didn’t make sense for him to accuse me of doing this. After he finished his little so called “inspirational” speech, he just walked off towards the parking lot to vent off his anger and pretending he had something to do. Lauren, you TRIED to intimidate me but you failed miserably! You TRIED to provoke me but you failed miserably! You TRIED to violate my 4th amendment rights by tricking me into waiving my Constitutional rights by searching my vehicle without a warrant but you failed miserably! You selected me out of a crowd of white students and followed me out towards the parking lot and harassed me because I’m a minority but you FAILED miserably! You probably thought that I was the one who called in the bomb threat, didn’t you Lauren? That’s profiling. Overall, you were a failing police officer and nobody at IPFW liked you. I’m glad that we have cell phone cameras and they’re for our safety and police accountability. We will continue to use cameras because it’s legal and we will expose those officers who continue to use their authority to abuse the innocent. After 42 years of being a high school bully in a uniform, you’re finally gone. Good Riddance and stay retired!

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