This sleaze bag thought he could get away with cheating,  he thought that since the other sites got shut down he was safe.  Well you are not David Goldbach….


Let’s start with making sure everyone knows we have the the correct David Goldbach, the guy from Venetia pa.  the guy who worked at Duquesne University for all those years, the guy with the lovely wife Jen who is a teacher, and the guy with the three children.

First lets start with you are a manipulative piece of crap.  You took advantage of a coworker, and pretty much forced yourself on her.  You were her superior,  actually made up trips,  so you could have your way with her while your lovely wife was pregnant    You sir are a horrible human being.

Second lets go into you locking doors at the work place, blocking door windows, getting people fired so you could be alone with her.

Finally lets let everyone know, that even though this person went through a traumatic life event (which you had her sleep over your house with your wife there, making your wife even look more foolish) but knowing she was going to therapy,  you still wouldn’t stop pursuing her.

I only wish you three children, friends, and family, knew what a pathetic loser you are…

Karma will get you one day

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