Dougie Smith Sexually transmitted HSV 2 to me. I was tested in 2018 for Herpes because I got scared because  my bf barley started getting a cold sore and went down on me not thinking about it. Those results were positive for HSV1 (which I get on my nose once in a while. I got it from my ex-husband and kids). But negative for HSV2. I never experienced any signs or symptoms of anything on my genital area.Fast forward 4 years later first guy I had slept with since the last parter/test. A week later and I get super sick and then an infection, so I got tested, and it was positive for HSV1 and HSV2. I let him know, He denied it, deleted me blocked me, ghosted me and refused to get tested and told me I was a liar and making it all up. Makes sense why the last weekend we were together he would only have sex in the complete dark. Its Not like a dude to want it pitch black. And he never had insisted on it before that weekend. He was way into me asked me to be his girlfriend and the did a 180°  all the sudden and he was acting super different, cold, stand- offish,  had to work all weekend when he had the whole weekend off when we originally made plans….

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