Located in Passaic, New Jersey. Cheater, betrayal and psychological abuse without remorse. Relationship had no signs of any of the traditional red flags. Just so happen to find out in a coincidental occurrence before moving in together. Hides things extremely well and repeated liar. Will not admit to anything unless there is absolute undeniable proof, which was very unexpected. Besides that, will not admit to anything and you would not expect anything to be happening. (Also has other behaviors/habits that I won’t go into due to lack of formal diagnosis.) *Family and friends do not know of his behaviors despite being close to him.* Has difficulty admitting to behaviors, obtaining help for behaviors and dismisses any responsibility/severity of behaviors. Will place blame on you and make you look “crazy.” Will tell friend and family that you are “crazy” for reacting to behaviors when he decides to leave relationship, not during. Extremely emotionally damaging relationship. Wouldn’t recommend pursuing a relationship with him to others due to him being able to hide behaviors extremely well.

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