This guy goes on numerous dating sites and apps. Failed marriages and relationships.  Background check.  Used his Asain ex girlfriend as a doormat by leaving her and son in the mountains.  History of using cocaine and ecstacy.  Wants to control everyone and talk down to his family.  Drinks, hookup sites, gaslights using the Bible against.  Pretends to go to church.  Leeches off of others including mommy.  Property is in a trust so no wife will get anything.  Yes he is a domestic abuser because verbal abuse ,blameshifts,  creates a different story and projects his bullshit on you. “All his exes are Crazy” which is projection.  Come on even a half minded individual can figure out the fraud of the anti social guy.  He is not the victim that he portrays. A real man of God does not use a Bible verse against you. This loser reaps what he sows.

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