He showed up at my incall acting very suspicious and kept asking about the police and safety so I sent him away because he spooked me. Prior to him coming to my door, he sat in his car for at least 5 minutes and didn’t answer his phone. Prior to that he tried asking me some explicit questions over the phone and I declined on answering them. Basically he wasted my time so this is why I’m writing this report. He is an older black guy in his late 40’s or early 50’s. I think that he just wanted to know where my incall was and he had no intentions of spending a dime. He contacted me from Backpage Atlanta for my escort services. I did a search on him and his is an HVAC guy here in Atlanta. What really pissed me off was the fact that when he came to the door he said that he just wanted to come and introduce himself. If I wasn’t in my right state of mind I would’ve attempted to rob him…. – badboyreport.kr |


  • Name – Michael Holloway
  • Age – 40+
  • Country – USA
  • Location – Atlanta
  • Sexual Preference – Not sure
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign – Not sure
  • Maiden Name –
  • Relationship Status – Not sure
  • Profession – Other
  • Education Level – Not sure
  • University – Badboyreport.kr
  • Found Cheating on – Not sure
  • Ethnicity – Black or African American
  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Height – 5’7”67in170.18cm
  • Weight (lbs) – Not sure
  • Tatoos – No


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