Adam has the nice guy act down to where everyone believes him. He is intensely insecure and predominately treats women like they are disposable except for a short period where he can show you off and feel good about how you validate his ego to the rest of the world. Constantly talks about himself with very few questions about me, my wants, or needs. He wasn’t a great boyfriend to begin with in comparison to other people I have dated, so I tried to break up with him twice because things did not feel right and he would cry and say we shouldn’t break up and he would work on things. All this acting to eventually cheat on me. Says it was a one time thing but highly unlikely considering how protective he was over his phone and just disappearing some nights with no word. Sent me a long apology after I found out and broke up with him about how distressed he was for hurting me and that he had trouble sleeping. He opened a tinder app the same day he sent the letter as my friend found out and then another friend found him at a bar with a new girl just days later. He feels no remorse or guilt over his actions and even the apology was full of justifications that he hurt me because I hurt him first. Whatever that means. He doesn’t even have integrity in his business conduct. I won’t even get into that.

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