This guy is currently 46 & often preys on young woman from their late teens to early 30’s (young enough to be his daughter). He currently resides around Harper/Kerrville TX. He used to rodeo – team rope. He is a liar, a cheat, a narcissist, a “oh poor me” kinda guy. He comes into a bar I had worked at in Harper, drinks a lot & runs his mouth about women & how they have done him wrong. But watching him it is quite the opposite, he is the one lying & cheating. He’s notorious for making sexual comments & sending d*#! photos to many women. He has big issues. Lots of people think he is hiding a lot. He doesn’t see his child anymore, has a step daughter that we think he has a thing for, doesn’t pay taxes, was living in a dump, then a 5 wheel trailer & also likes to pursue married women. Watch out girls, no joke, stay clear of this guy from Texas. Bad news!

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