Jim is the biggest liar and manipulator I have ever seen!He loves to hang at titty bars and acts like he has money! He uses everyone he comes in contact with! Even his own family has nothing to do with him! He will claim he wants to take care of you! He will do whatever it takes to make you think he’s a victim and that who ever he is with is using and abusing him! He worked on my sister for over a year, made her believe he was going to take care of her and that she was going to have a wonderful life! She is ill, she has lupus along with many other problems. He doesn’t take care of her! She works harder now than she ever did before, he has taken everything she had! She HAS nothing!! Made her quit her job, destroyed all her friendships and destroyed her relationship with her family then ran around on her and when she found out he tossed her out! She was homeless, took all her money, wouldn’t give her clothes and took her car that he gave her as a gift! He kept it in his name and reported it stolen so she couldn’t work or see her kids! He is a narcssisst! He is a sex addict! He will tell you that his girlfriend doesn’t like sex (which is a lie) and that’s why he cheats he claims! Do not believe ONE word out of his FAT mouth! And as far as money goes, he has my sister work with him, doesn’t give her a pay check and then turns around and spends the money at the strip club! He hasnt paid his mortgage in years! Put a truck in her name and only pays the insurance when he knows it will be cancelled. They only have 1 truck now and doesn’t let her use it! And now she HAS TO WORK WITH HIM! She shouldn’t be on ladders carrying heavy equipment because he’s in pain? She had to have a lymph node removed, the doctor told him it was cancer, most men would have been by her side, not him, left her with no oil,she found him at the strip clubs! She needed money for medical care after that operation but he said they had none, she was sick for months, he left her home sick and took what money they had to pay bills for girls at strip club!! What kind of man leaves his sick girlfriend home without transportation, money or food just so he can go to the strip club? The day our grandfather died (whom was like a father) my sister chose to go with him before the wake because our family didn’t want him there! He should have stayed with her, she was devastated! They got home and took off with his stripper girl friend. Filled his cialis and took off but, she was only a friend! HA! |


  • Name – James Richard
  • Age – 60
  • Country –
  • Location – Woburn, MA
  • Sexual Preference – N/A
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign –
  • Maiden Name – N/A
  • Relationship Status – N/A
  • Profession – Other
  • Education Level –
  • University – N/A
  • Found Cheating on – Other
  • Ethnicity – N/A
  • Hair Color – N/A
  • Eye Color – N/A
  • Height – N/A
  • Weight (lbs) –
  • Tatoos –


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