I meet this man off of plentoffish.com and we got married within four months. Within six months of our marriage he had cheated on me with at least six women that i found out about. Shortly there after he *** me splitting my chin open. That was only the begining of the cheating and ab*se. Fast forward we split two years into our marriage where I eventually moved on and found someone else. Recently after our divorce I was swept in by his charms helped him to get back on his feet we ended up hooking up, i know my fault but get this he has a girlfriend! I asked him and he lied to my face, told me he loved me wanted to fix what we had when we were married. Girls I just ask that you take into consideration that this man is a complusive liar and is in love with the idea of love but has no idea how to treat a woman. I am warning all future girlfriends and current ones because I know he has more than one since i’ve found one online in virtually five minutes or less. He might go by Marcus, Jason, Tyrone he uses different names so he doesn’t have to be truthful about who he really is. He just got off probation yesterday for domestic violence and he currently has a restraining order from another woman. BE WARNED! |


  • Name – Timothy Williams
  • Age – 25
  • Country –
  • Location – Seattle, WA
  • Sexual Preference – Straight
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign –
  • Maiden Name –
  • Relationship Status – Divorced
  • Profession – Student
  • Education Level –
  • University –
  • Found Cheating on – PlentyOfFish.com
  • Ethnicity – Black or African American
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Height – 5 ft 8 in
  • Weight (lbs) –
  • Tatoos –


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