Let me tell you a story about my “friend” Glenn Hidalgo.  I met Glenn on Zoosk.  He stated he was 48 at the time, he was 52.  We went on some dates, he cancels more than he actually goes out with you.  And he is good at canceling in a way to make you look like a bitch if you get upset.  He is very charming and will convince you that he loves you and wants to spend a life with you.  He only communicates via text, in the year we dated, I think I got around 5 total phone calls.  His favorite form appears to be audio texts.  We eventually started talking about marriage and living together.  The problem is that he is a narcissist.  (I am not a psychologist and cannot make a formal diagnosis, but he exhibits all the symptoms from gaslighting to love bombing to lying). He is also a scammer.  In the time that we were together he got around 5,000 dollars out of me.  Some of it was by convincing me to buy his art.  The rest he told me about needing money for various things.  And he was good at making sure that it was labeled as a gift, so that I can’t go after him to get my money back.  I eventually found out that he was seeing multiple other women.  In talking to some of these women I found that he would send us all the same texts, pictures, and even good morning videos where he says how much he loves me, and I am his first thought in the morning.  Through further research I also found out that he is still married.  I can prove everything that I am stating here.  And if you are reading this and are thinking about dating Glenn, I say run as fast as you can.  And if you tell him, you saw this, he will tell you that I am a crazy ex stalker and I am trying to get him back.  I know because there was another woman who had a similar post to this on a similar website and he told me the same thing about her.  Man, I wish I had listened to her, I would be in a much better position right now.  I can tell you there are other women out there that I know about that have stories about Glenn, I have talked with them.  But, I will not share their stories as they are not mine to share.  Suffice it to say that he is evil and he does not care what he does to you, your mental state, or your wallet to fill his own needs.

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