Let me tell you a story about my “friend” Glenn Hidalgo.  Everything I say here will be factual and I can prove everything I say.  If it is something that is of my opinion, I will be sure to mention that it is in my opinion.  I met Glenn last September on a dating app.  We started talking and really hit it off.  He was charming and charismatic (opinion).  I was newly back to the dating game and had never heard of narcissist or romance scammers, so I never saw the red flags.  Such as love bombing.  By the beginning of November we had said our first I love yous, even though we hadn’t even met.  I thought this man was the love of my life.  We continued to talk. He canceled the few dates we had scheduled we were both busy people and we did not live near each other at first.  Later in the relationship I lived closer and we finally had a date.  The date was amazing, I will not lie and he was even more charming in person than he was through text.  Oh I should mention at this point that he doesn’t do phone calls only texts, mostly audio texts.  I received only 5 phone calls in the year.  We immediately scheduled a second date.  But there were more cancelations and it was almost a month before a second date happened.  We ended up having 5 dates within the year, but there were many more cancelations than dates.  During that time he talked about marriage and living together.  He led me to believe that we had a future together.  Now, I know you are reading this and wondering why I am here reporting.  I said something about narcissist and love scamming.  Now, the narcissist is my opinion as I do not know if Glenn has an actual diagnosis from a physician, but he does exhibit all the symptoms from love bombing to gaslighting.  I typed the first part because I wanted you to know what dating Glenn was like incase you were in the beginning phase of a relationship with him.  Oh and when he cancels he comes up with great excuses so that you look like a bad girlfriend if you get mad at him.  My most common were work things and his niece visiting.

So now on to the good stuff.  The scamming.  He asked me on two separate occasions to buy his art.  Now my opinion is that unfortunately I have to admit that he is an amazing artist and it kills me that so much talent is wasted on such an evil man.  I ended up buying three paintings from him because yes, I liked them but more because he said he needed the help when I bought the third.  I really only wanted the first two.  Then in May he asked me for money for car repairs.  He was very good at getting it worded as a gift and so my money is lost.  I found out that the car was a brand new car and was more than likely under warranty, so I am not sure where my 2750 dollars went.  Then in August he asked for money ($1000) to help with lawyer fees to get his daughter back from his ex-wife in Sweden.  (Opinion) she is a smart woman for getting that far away from this evil man.  So, yes he is scamming.  I also learned that he is a liar and a cheater.  I eventually discovered that he was talking to multiple women on a daily basis, sending us the same pictures, lines, and videos.  I believe his favorite photo to send is one of himself with a box of Nilla Wafers and I believe it is very old because I found one of his victims from 2018 and she got that picture as well.  He was also on dating apps the entire time he was with me.  And finally, I am not 100 percent sure but I believe that he is still married to his third wife.  She is listed at his address on the social catfish website.  His car is listed in her name, this can be verified publicly on the Greenville, SC tax records.  The marriage can be found listed on the NYC public registry or on the Ancestry.com website.  Her name is Irena and it is also my belief (I have no proof of this statement) that she is in on his scamming, because she cannot possibly see the comments from women on his Deago Instagram page and not be aware of what he is doing or the fact that he is texting so many women.  Favorite lines are “I love you so much.”  “You are special to me”  “You are so important to me”  “We are meant to be” “Noone has ever been support of me before you”  I have no problems talking to anyone who wants to ask questions if the are either currently dating or considering dating this man.

I want to end with one note because this is how well I have gotten to know this man over the last year.  There was once a post on this website from another woman who was a victim of Glenn many years ago.  I saw her post and Glenn was able to convince me that she was a crazy stalker and was trying to scare all women away so that she could have him.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting this woman (not in person, but through Instagram) and got a whole different side of the story. So before Glenn convinces you that I am also a crazy stalker ex of his I will tell you first that I have happily moved on with a man who is twice the man that Glenn ever was. Second, I will tell you in advance that he is going to show texts from September that I was begging him to take me back.  I did because that is what he does, he makes you feel like you can’t live without him or his texts.  I thought I needed him in my life and at that time I thought he only had one other woman.  But then I found more women and I heard some of the stories of these women and how he was willing to take advantage of them.  I will not tell their stories as they aren’t mine to tell, but it sickened me that he saw no wrong in what he was doing.  But, no I do not want him back!  In fact, I never want to see him again!!  I am telling this story to hopefully help other women from either losing money to this man or suffering the amazing amount of heartbreak and mind messing that I did.  Good luck to all who read this and stay away from Glenn Hidalgo.  Find a better man!

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