I met Glenn on a dating app. He was charming and charismatic. I didn’t know the signs of a narcissist or a love scammer. I was fresh back into the dating game. So I mistook his love bombing as a sincere sign of interest. I fell quickly and hard. At first we were long distance and it was difficult to make a date and easy for him to cancel. Then I was local. We had a few dates, always on Sundays. But he canceled more than he kept. And he was good at canceling in a way that would make me feel like a bitch for getting upset. His favorite excuses were unexpected work things or his niece was visiting. We broke up several times, but he always sucked me back in. He asked me to buy his paintings on two occasions, because it would help him out. I will give credit, he is an amazingly talented artist so I ended up buying 3 paintings. Then he asked me for money to help with car repairs on what I found out was a new car and should have still been under warranty. 2750 dollars given. He was good at getting it worded as a gift so I can’t take him to small claims court. Later in the summer he needed money to try to get his daughter back from his ex-wife in Sweden, another 1000 dollar gift. I finally got that he has anywhere upward of 10 “friends”, that’s what he calls his other women, at a time. I don’t know how many give him money. But they are definitely feeding his narcissistic needs. I also learned that he is still quite possibly married to his third wife Irena as he moved from NYC to Greenville, SC. His car is registered in her name and the website social catfish shows that they both have held the same address. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in on the scamming with him. And I will mention because I know him and I know he will try to convince his women that I am a crazy ex who just wants him back. At the end of our relationship, I did beg him to take me back, because that is what he does to you, he convinces you that you can’t live without him and his texting. But I have happily moved on with a real man.  Glenn will tell you that he loves you. That you are special. That you are important to him. That he wants to get married again. He will tell you that he hasn’t had sex in 4 or 5 years. He will tell you you are the first girl he had been interested in, in a long time. It is all lines that he uses on all his women. I have compared notes. He sends the same pictures to all his women. His favorite is him with a box of nilla wafers. He will lie to you.  Steal your heart and try to get your money. He is a con man and a good one. Do yourself a favor and stay clear. I wish I had listened to the last girl that posted about him here on the bad boy report. Oh and you can see his marriage to Irena on the NYC public records as well as on ancestry .com.  and the car taxes can be seen on the Greenville SC public records.

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