Melissa met my husband on a flight. He was wearing his ring, because we are frequent travelersHe had an extra drink coupon and offered it to her. She thought she won the food bank ticket!!When I picked him up he was acting strange and she saw me with my ring on and his ring on. ThatShould have been the end of the story but no she was starving for food, I guess while going thru her divorce, her now ex-husband was not helping her with the bills or something because she was now willing to do anything for some dollars. I guess she confused my husband for an emergency food pantry. | She kept calling and texting him non stop. Once it was clear he was not interested she finallystop. She offer EVERYTHING but didn’t even get more than the free drink. | What a sad example for her daughters but maybe that’s how her mother taught her she could get thru difficult financial situations | If you know this woman keep your husband or boyfriend away from her. She is starving and can’t afford things so likesTo get men to pay for her and in exchange she offers her thin starving bones. | Her name is Melissa A Bradshaw previously Melissa Litzler |


  • Name – Melissa Bradshaw Litzler
  • Age – 39
  • Country –
  • Location – Chandler, AZ
  • Sexual Preference – Straight
  • Gender – Female
  • Zodiac Sign –
  • Maiden Name – N/A
  • Relationship Status – Divorced
  • Profession – Adult Entertainment
  • Education Level –
  • University –
  • Found Cheating on – Other
  • Ethnicity – N/A
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – N/A
  • Height – N/A
  • Weight (lbs) –
  • Tatoos –


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