Rick Castillo acts like the nicest guy ever but really he’s deeply insecure & vindictive. Rick Castillo plays the victim saying how bad his life was so you’ll feel sorry for him I did for half my life & regret every second of my drama filled days. Rick Castillo’s such a good guy umm nope! Take a closer look to see he’s a fake & inadequate poser pretending to be kind & sweet but Rick Castillo’s the dude who’s cheating with his coworkers the people who live were he works & any girl that’ll falls for his poor me I’m so shy crap. But watch out, married for like 20 yrs. so please listen to my story. Rick Castillo pushed me for marriage then kids only for him to leave me. He turned my family against me then blame shifted his cheating onto me. Why??? Cuz I was there for my girl in need. Now he continues his passive aggressive crap on our kids. But if Rick’s not w someone & I mean at that very moment, he stalks me, offers to help out, wants to spend time together so we can be friends, yah like I really want to see him, talk to him, hang out or be buddy buddy with the guy who saw girls during the work day then come home to me all innocent being all oh I work so hard yah nope. Rick Castillo still goes to my family talking crap after all this time, they’re finally starting to catch on to him, I hold out for the time they do so we can reconnect I really miss my sisters. All pretty lame right. Yup Rick Castillo’s a slyster but don’t be fooled he’s mean, lies like it’s his air, manipulates & plays so many mind eff games, Rick never owns his actions but will gas light you until you can’t remember if you’re coming or going & Rick will always make sure no one else’s around for plausible deniability. He’s a total Jackal Hyde type. Rick Castillo cares more about his image then anything or anyone. He’s got this fake nice guy for the world but behind closed doors he yells & screams if we didn’t do things his way. He hurt me I’d cry but Rick would just stand there, leave or tell me I’m too sensitive oh but try to stand up for your self & here comes the these ear piercing screams shouting insults & nasty names. I’m the bad guy but when Rick left & divorced me he said he didn’t know if he wanted to be a full-time daddy anymore. What! Like ok dude kids aren’t returnable but that what Rick Castillo thinks of people, he likes playing with them for a minute then gets bored & needs a new toy to play with so he’d act like I didn’t exist even at the dinner table, until he was bored or wanted something from me, like in the romantic way. Divorced for a year I can only the in-between w our kids half the time. When there Rick tells the kids to lie to me, the kids have to tell him stuff about me true or not just for his attention, lets our 6yr old stay up until 11 on school night so they’re always tired. A few months ago she was so tired when dropped off before school she fell asleep on the steps. Rick makes the kids do the sports he wants because he didn’t get to as a kid & it doesn’t matter that 2 would rather do something else wow that’s just weak. Rick Castillo’s so insecure he has our kids sleep in his bed w him. I don’t think that’s normal like what teenager wants that, one that has to baby the dad’s weak ego I guess. That felt good to finally say. Guys if my life sounds great to you then go ahead date the dude. But if you want a real man Rick Castillo isn’t that guy. Rick’s a middle-aged man-child that’s small but dang does this dude throw giant but shystery tantrums if asked for crazy things like love & affection. Oh if you’re thinking nah Rick Castillo’s 2 nice this is gotta b bs. That’s how insidious narcissists can be you don’t know until you’ve wasted 20 yrs, cheated on, divorced & pleading for help parenting instead of buying them 20 PlayStation’s saying stuff like see guys who loves you the most. He’s such a total butt & a pain in mine! Yup Rick will call you names, scream, cheat then turn it around gas light you & say he doesn’t know what you’re talking about that you are only a liar and that you’re the cheater. If you find yourself there a piece of advice it’s not you Rick Castillo can’t take any responsibility for his impulsive stuff. That was my dude & life for 20 yrs. I’m finally free what I wouldn’t do to take things back or damn I’d be the best day of my life if I never had to talk to, see Rick or be reminded of the biggest mistake in my life again. I thank god Rick left while I’m still young & good looking enough to start over with a real man that cares more about me & the kiddos then himself or his stuff.

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