He is an elementary school music teacher in Houston TX. As far as I know, he has been manipulated 4 ladies and steals from them over the last 2-3 years. I am not sure how many other victims before that. He has a pattern that reported by one of the victims: “So I noticed his pattern. He meets girls off Tinder, love bombs them and tell them they’re the one. Moves the relationship really fast, to the point of buying rings. From what I remember, he bought his ex a ring within 6 months of dating her. They never sent out save the dates or followed through. Which he does to everyone.”

He has a dog (Aussie) and always use it as a leakage. If you are seeing him and/or dating him, please be careful. He has a long history of dating multiple people and have sex without condoms. Several females reported to me that they had infection when they were in the relationship. And some of them have overlapping dating time. He has also have a tendency trying to “control” you by blaming everything on you and telling the victim that he likes alone time but actually he goes out for a date with other person.

according the a attorney: this person has “zero ethics” and would do anything to harm you. Just watch out who you are going out with and stay away from him.

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