Full name: Rober Jeremy Green

Occupation: Music teacher in an elementary school

Location: Houston. He likes to stay in the inner loop.

This is a PSA for single ladies of Houston. I never dated Jeremy, however, my friend was in a relationship with him. Jeremy Green is currently ruining her life, both emotionally and financially. He’s a liar and a thief. He stole from my friend and he has stolen from most of his exes as well.

It’s really easy to fall for this guy, on paper he’s a sweet music teacher. He’s passionate about his job. He loves his family and his dog. He appears to be mature and has been working on himself to be a better human. He’s caring and will make you feel like you are the world to him. You guys will travel and share new experiences, you will fall fast in love with him. It’s an act! don’t fall for it.

He will love bomb you from the beginning, tell you how he never felt this way before. He will tell you, he cheated before but has matured and learned his lessons. He dated multiple women in the last few years at the same time. He will tell you they broke his heart, that they are crazy, they are stalking him and they are out to get him. He will look into living with you soon and sell you the sob story of how his exes did him wrong and messed up his life and this is the reason why he’s been living with his friends.

He might even give you a ring to show his love to you. Multiple women have reported he was in a relationship with them at the same time. He would tell them all he wants to marry them and have a baby with them. He has given STI/STDs to these women. He can get aggressive if you press him on your concerns. He will gaslight you, so be careful of that. You will want to believe him even if you feel like something might be off, after all, he took you to meet his family and some friends. Again this is an act. He will take you to meet his family, and he will come up with excuses to the other women as to why he’s not bringing them around. He did this to my friend as well, she thought she could trust him because she met people in his life.

He’s on Bumble and Tinder. He will tell you he deleted the app. But keep in mind he can always redownload the app and start swiping while you are not around.

Ladies, if you are reading this post, it’s most likely because you have some concerns about this guy. listen to your gut, don’t ignore the red flags.  Please take the time to do your research on him.

His friends will defend him to the end, based on the stories he told them. They will drag Cecilia Choa, Mayra Sierra, and Bree Turner through the mud. These three are just the ones Jeremy uses to defend himself. There are other women out there who are not writing a Bad Boy Report on him, but they are out there. Jeremy and his friends will tell you to look up the police report on Cecilia Chao, but I’d suggest you do more digging into this situation.  There are also Houston Facebook groups for women that have mentioned him being a cheater as well.

If you confront him on this he will just tell you, a group of exes got together to bully him. But what did he do to them? how bad was it? Why would they go as far as get together to smear his name?

If you are thinking about being in a long-term relationship with him. Do yourself the favor and hire a PI to save yourself from the heartbreak


Robert Jeremy Green Houston

Jeremy Green Houston

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