I met this piece of **** in high school almost 5 years ago. He was my everything, my first love, boyfriend; I lost my virginity to him. He’s a GOOD talker and manipulator. I thought he loved me back, I was so wrong. I stupidly wasted so much time on him. He’s nothing but a lying, cheating, mentally abusive piece of ****. And to think I stuck by him for over 6 months while he was in jail and was faithful but could he do the same? No. He constantly was talking to other females. Once we got our own place he started going “out with the guys” for hours on end, tell me he’d be home a certain time, then never show up. He always hid his phone from me and many times I’d go through his texts and find him flirting with girls and when I’d question him about it he’d say bull**** like “they flirted with me, I didn’t flirt back. I just ignored them.” Two years ago is the first time I know for a fact he cheated. We broke up for the first time and about 3 days later he was dating a new girl. An old “friend” of ours, that he hadn’t seen in 2 years because she moved to a different state. I asked him if he cheated because it made no sense to me that he was that quickly with another girl who he HATED and had always talked **** about, especially as we had been engaged and he was heart broken when we broke up but he was never home. He never wanted to spend time with me, he was always out with “friends”. He swore up and down he didn’t cheat, his father was in the hospital not sure if he was going to live or not from a heart attack and he adores his father and swore on his possibly dying father’s life that he didn’t cheat. I stupidly ended up taking him back shortly after. Flash-forward to 2 months ago I ended up moving 10 hours away to be with him and got left in a house all day while he was working. He’d go out with his guy friends but would never take me anywhere. I ended up getting fed up and asked to come home a month ago and less than a week later he’s with some new ***** that lives TWO hours away from where he lived. He claims he “just met her” yet his entire family is already in love with her. Tell me how he met a girl who lives 2 hours away and decided to start a relationship with her less than a week after I leave unless he’d been fooling around with her before? He’d added her on FB BEFORE I left. All through out our time together he had multiple meet me’s and I recently found a Zoosk account. I’ve also heard many people say they knew he cheated on me but didn’t tell me. |


  • Name – Malcolm Johns
  • Age – 24
  • Country –
  • Location – Columbia, SC
  • Sexual Preference – Bisexual
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign –
  • Maiden Name – N/A
  • Relationship Status – In a relationship
  • Profession – Other
  • Education Level –
  • University – N/A
  • Found Cheating on – Other
  • Ethnicity – White or Caucasian
  • Hair Color – Blond
  • Eye Color – Gray
  • Height – 5 ft 10 in
  • Weight (lbs) –
  • Tatoos –


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