Michael Davis is a sick and twisted stalker that targeted me in the past on Craig’s list and randomly on various Sensual massage boards. His MO is to send me a plethora of text messages like he is “sexting” and then of course he leads one to believe that he is sincere about needing “relief” from his “masturbatory” issues. In other words he will send you non stop “sex” oriented questions about “hard” about needing a session badly, about wanting blow jobs and pretty much bombarding your phone with his disgusting thoughts. He will pretend he wants sessions then on the day of the session suddenly not be “available” so in essence he is a pervert, a stalker, a time waster and a “sick” sordid individual who has no excitement in his boring life as an investor so he harasses sex workers and targets us. Do yourself a big favor and block his number. He is a real time waster and a true con artist seeking cheap “thrills”. He’s done this to me before and he’s do it to you. Do not carry on any conversation with this man he is really unbalanced. – badboyreport.kr |


  • Name – Michael Davis
  • Age – 40+
  • Country – USA
  • Location – New Orleans not sure
  • Sexual Preference – Bisexual
  • Gender – Male
  • Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
  • Maiden Name –
  • Relationship Status – Single
  • Profession – Finance
  • Education Level – Bachelors degree
  • University – Badboyreport.kr
  • Found Cheating on – Other
  • Ethnicity – White or Caucasian
  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Height – 6’0”72in182.88cm
  • Weight (lbs) – 200Not sure
  • Tatoos – No


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