Robert “Jeremy” Green who currently resides in Houston, Texas is an emotionally and physically abusive, manipulative, thief and a liar. He uses people for sex, money, and control.

He cheated on me with multiple women and continually lied about it. He was in many significant relationships while pretending to be monogamous with me (and them). He manipulated every situation. He pretended to be someone he was not. He treated me like I was stupid and that I was the problem in the relationship. He tried to isolate me from my friends, telling them lies about me. He would also put my friends down to me to isolate me. He told me his friends thought I wasn’t a good person.

He locked me out of our shared home. He threatened to sue me as a scare tactic. He threatened to kill himself multiple times to manipulate me. He repeatedly would go to the ER and threaten to tell the staff I hurt him, saying that I would be persecuted.

He wouldn’t let me stay out very long without him without guilt trips/shame/screaming. I could only go out without him if I checked in continually and came home quickly.

His actions are irrational, abusive, and terrifying. Some of the things he has done are:
stealing my phone, stealing or ruining my belongings including sentimental and expensive things, screaming at me, hiding/stealing my passport, trying to make me question myself and my sense of reality, grabbing me and physically holding me down, coercing/shaming/guilting me into having sex with him, and posting my half-nude and fully clothed photographs without my consent online.

He locked me in a car with him and wouldn’t let me use my phone or leave. He physically wouldn’t let me leave restaurants, hotels, or our home, etc when he was upset. He screamed at and belittled me in public (and private) while physically (and painfully) restraining me. He has continued to harass me after our break up.

He has shown no empathy or remorse since I’ve known him. He uses everyone around him to boost his ego and use them for financial gains. He isolated, infantilized, gaslit, financially abused, and threatened me. This list is not all-encompassing.

Stay far, far, far away.

*his number might have changed, as he changes it frequently since he continues to harass his victims.

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