Current location: Houston, TX

Age: About 39

Race: White

While I was not directly harmed in any way by this man, my friend was a victim of his, and I had a front row seat in learning about his predatory nature and practices. He may present as a nice elementary music teacher with a dog and a decent disposition, but in reality, that is all just a made up facade to lure his victims. He is a serial dater who dates multiple women simultaneously, and has unprotected sex with each of them (even though he will tell you he isn’t having sex with anyone else). He targets women of color primarily believing them to be more vulnerable and less likely to fight back. Due to his atrocious, self-inflicted credit rating, he cannot apply for a loan or lease from a reputable leasing agent. So, he will quickly want to move in with anyone he chooses to date. He has repeatedly stolen from previous ex-girlfriends while dating them and when things have ended, but he attempts to stay in contact with them, often asking for help to watch his dog as a way to keep track of where they are. He stalks his exes online via social media and other neighborhood community apps (often creating new accounts so that the exes don’t know it is him). He has also been known to fake injuries in order to get out of things, or get someone else in trouble. He is a truly reprehensible person who should not be allowed to be on any dating apps, or date anyone or that matter. I hope that this helps someone to avoid becoming a future victim of his.

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