White male

age 37-40
Height: 5’10-6’0

location: Houston, TX

Prefer apps: Tinder, Bumble

profile: emotionally immature, cannot handle any type of criticism. Tends towards being verbally and emotionally abusive. Pro at love bombing. Will come off charming at first but secretly he’s a misogynist.

background: we met on a dating site, and he started moving the relationship pretty fast. He would tell me about wanting to have a future with me, getting a house, and having kids the whole package.

He has a lot of female “friends” which at first I didn’t think too much of it. He was always pretty inconsistent. I’d catch him in random small lies. Plans would often change because he “forgot”.

I found out recently, while I thought we were in a serious committed monogamous relationship, he was just playing house. Except he’s playing this game with other women as well. There’s a handful of us he’s dating at once. He even impregnated one.

He now claims all the exes are out to get him, stalking him, and he was in casual relationships with us all which justifies his cheating.

Be careful out there ladies! He’s a pro storyteller and will act like the victim. More than one woman has identified his tendency to be aggressive, demeaning, and belittling women.

He will play the victim card.

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