Oh yes the saga continues And oh no he has not changed. The one thing he has changed was getting engaged to his poor fiance. That’s right he’s getting married! And right after he came home proposing to her he came and saw me. Hits me up every time after he goes and sees her. Not saying that I’m better than anybody else I’m just as guilty for continuing to see him when I know he has a girlfriend. I’m wrong for that. But still. Poor girl or not.. poor girl who knows.. when she won’t listen to the warning signs that everybody had given her past the couple of years. learn the hard way I guess or turn your head or ignore it in your marriage and let him do whatever the f*** he does cuz clearly he don’t give a f***. For the record he did not bamboozle me.. I’ve known about him the whole time about everything. It what’s my choice and I own my mistakes. It is what it is. hopefully other will find their way back here and wake up before it’s too late. Before another life is effected, before she lets him into her family so he can influence others. Maybe I’m wrong.. maybe marriage will change it around for him. I highly doubt it but that one sliver of Hope that he can be a decent person.. it’s my downfall. Not just for him but in general. Be happy and be honest. Put your selfishness aside man for your own good! Love that woman the way she needs, the way she deserves. Not being a slime bag sneaking behind her back while she’s over there pining for you and making a future for you!!

Sincerely one less person that you have to worry about with your man. Get yourself tested I know I am!!

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